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Discover everything you need to know about Block Chain Technology.
What is Block Chain? It is a data structure that allows Bitcoin and other crypto currencies to thrive in an encrypted, anonymous and unchanged global playground.
No doubt this is a revolution that is taking the financial world by storm. Block Rabbit is a free resource website that would help consumers and investors learn about the development of block chain technology. Every week, latest products and information are being added that would allow readers to understand the power of this breakthrough.
The experience of the one handling the site can be seen on the information available. This serves as a motivation to build a platform that would help both beginners and experts. For beginners, the website will provide everything to get started. Experts can advance their knowledge of the block chain tech landscape.
Block Rabbit is an informative site for Japanese people needing facts and latest update on block chain tech.

About Block Rabbit news

Read the latest news on block chain tech. Different specialists gather here to write ground breaking insight for block chain tech.

Block Chain technology is a promise of the future. It is more than just a monetary infrastructure. This is something that can change the world in many ways and this is for the best.

Welcome to Block Rabbit with the goals of informing people who are curious about Block Chain.

Mission statement

  1. To publish useful articles, news and other related information that would help Japanese people understand the world of Block Chain. This project is born out of the desire to create platform that would put together a community of Block Chain technology enthusiasts.
  2. To offer stories and projects presented in the website are all in Japanese language. Japanese block chain community can take advantage and appreciate the new technology.
  3. To form a go to site that can fill the void of other internet sources regarding block chain technology.

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